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UO Chemists is the perfect place for chemistry lovers of all levels of interest and expertise. Our blog offers clear, concise explanations of complex concepts, plus helpful tips and tricks for working in the lab. Whether you’re a student trying to ace your next test or an experienced chemist looking to stay up-to-date on the latest research, UO Chemists has you covered.



Our Team

Zees has worked in the teaching and marketing industry for four years, gaining experience in Chemistry, SEO, marketing, and Content writing. As a seasoned CEO of UO Chemists, he is passionate about advancing relations. In addition to work experience, he is also working as a NetSuite Content creator. Outside of work, Zees enjoys photography, cricket, and outing.


Zees Zeeshan
Zees Zeeshan
CEO, Founder
Caleb Schmitz

Before joining the UO Chemists, Caleb worked as a developer in an ERP system called SAP. He received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Benedictine College and the University of North Dakota. He completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana Institute of Technology in July of 2019. Caleb has worked as a design engineer, production supervisor, and SAP developer before pursuing his certificate as a NetSuite developer. He enjoys mountain biking, writing books, and playing rugby during his free time.

Caleb Schmitz


Bilal Kamboh

An enthusiast in the Chemistry space, Bilal is the Content writer at UO Chemists. Bilal is also best known for his inspiring speaking skills. He loves running and taking fitness classes. 


Daniyal Ahmad

Daniyal is a  Bachelor’s in Chemistry intern. He is also a digital marketer and working in UO chemists as a Content writer. He loves bikes and loves to visit horror places.

M Aown Hashmi

Mohammad Aown Hashmi is obtaining magnificent experience in the field of Chemistry. He is a content writer at UO Chemists and a motivational speaker, and he loves Fitness training. 


Aiza Adrees

Aiza is a highly-skilled, enthusiastic, self-motivated professional writer. She has excellent communication skills and an excellent convincing style to convince the readers through writing. She loves cooking.