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What are insoluble salts? Preparation insoluble salts

What are salts ?

Before we start with insoluble salts let’s discuss first what are salts. Salts are chemical compounds. Salts are ionic compounds with related numbers of cations and anions. Due this reason salts are neutral. Salts are product of neutralization reaction. Neutralization reaction are those in which both acid and base react with each other and form salt and water.

NaCl (s) → Na+(aq) + Cl(aq)

  • In crystalline structure as ions are tightly packed so there is no free ion to conduct electricity. So, salts in solid form are not conductor of electricity.
  • As salts are ionic compounds. There structure is crystalline.
  • Salts which are soluble in water are polar in nature.



Insoluble Salts

What is an insoluble salt?

These are ionic compounds which are not soluble in water. They form a suspension in water and retain their solid state instead of putting in water. That’s why they are known as insoluble salts. Insoluble salts mostly Non polar and have no interaction with water.

For example slive chloride.

Preparation of insoluble salts

Insoluble salts are prepared by the precipitation reaction between two soluble compounds ( salts ).


  • Mix up soluble salts with water and mix well.
  • Precipitates will firm collect them through filter paper.
  • Again filter precipitates with water to remove impurities.
  • Dry precipitates.

Example :-

  • Stalactite
  • Pearls
  • Coral







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