Does Licking a Diamond Cause Death?

Licking Diamond


Does licking a diamond cause death? First, we should know what a diamond basically is. Diamond is the hardest thing present on earth. Diamond is unbreakable and the only way to shape a diamond is to use a diamond for this purpose. Diamond is made up of carbon. Due to the property of scattering light in high proportion. Diamond is also used as jewelry. It is not known who uses the diamond first. Initially, the use of diamonds is from India. Diamond is rare and precious.

Does eating diamond cause death?

Formation of Diamond:

Diamonds are formed beneath the earth. Diamonds formed under high pressure and temperature. The temperature range for the diamond formation is from 900-1300°C. Diamond is made of only carbon. A diamond that is colorless is purely contained only carbon. But Diamond has different shades. This shows the impurities in the diamond. Diamond is also classified on the basis of impurities.

What happens after licking a diamond?

licking a diamond

As diamonds are made of carbon. Carbon itself is not poisonous. Moreover, diamonds do not contain any toxic elements. It is a total myth that licking a diamond cause death. But engulfing diamond cause harmful effects. As diamonds contain sharp edges. When someone engulfs a diamond those sharp edges can cut parts of the body.


So, what about those who died after licking diamonds?

Most of you heard about the death of a person who accidentally eats a diamond. So, what is this? In that case, if this happens a person dies by licking a diamond. This may be because of some toxic substance on the surface of the diamond from the soil where the diamond is present or by the presence of impurities on the surface of the diamond. Pure diamond never causes death. Jewelers sometimes check diamonds by licking diamonds. Because the real surface never gets wet and feels oily.

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