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Can you burn water – How is it possible?

Are you wondering about “can you burn water?”. You are in the right place to solve this mystery. Water is made up of atoms of oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Since any combination with oxygen indicates the ability of a substance to burn, water is no exception. Thus, water is a fantastic compound that has already been “burned out.”

Have you ever seen such a phenomenon as burning water? It turns out that if you create conditions of high temperature reaching several thousand degrees, water, getting into the epicenter of the fire, begins to break down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules participating in combustion.

Can you burn water?

This is precisely what firefighters consider when they extinguish burning plastic, fuels that are heated to the highest temperature. In such cases, firefighters use firm foam to extinguish the fire. It is also known that in the device of aircraft, special sprays are provided in the engines of turbines, which inject sprayed water into the center of local ignition. This creates an afterburner, due to which combustion in the chamber increases and the speed and power of the turbines also increase. Such measures are considered temporary. Thus, water cannot only extinguish the fire but also burn under certain conditions.

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