Let’s Find Out the N2 Molar Mass?

N2 molar mass

How to find the N2 molar mass? N2 molecule consists of two nitrogen atoms containing a triple bond (1 sigma and 2 pi). There are three unpaired electrons in each nitrogen atom. These three unpaired electron orbitals of one nitrogen overlap with another nitrogen atom to form three covalent bonds. If you want to know the hybridization process in nitrogen, just follow the link N2 Lewis Structure | Hybridization, MO Diagram

How to calculate N2 molar mass?

N2 molar mass

Let’s find the molar mass of N2 so we go to the modern periodic table and find the nitrogen atom. We see the atomic mass there right below the nitrogen symbol. After finding the atomic mass, we add these numbers together and then add the unit of gram per mole.

  • Nitrogen atomic mass = 14.01 u

N2 molar mass = Atomic mass of N + Atomic mass of N

N2 molar mass = 14.01 + 14.1

N2 molar mass = 28.02 g/mol

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